personal trainer in Stratford-upon-Avon

CEO & Founder of Health Kick Academy: Jason Bennett

Welcome to Health Kick Academy

Health Kick Academy was founded in September 2017 by personal trainer Jason Bennet. Jason is determined to make it easy and enjoyable for individuals to improve their fitness, wellbeing, and overall health.

Located in Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, Jason and his team of highly motivated coaches offer a personal approach to every client, providing a tailored program to help every individual achieve their goals inside and outside the gym. As a result, Jason and his team are particularly successful in long-lasting, sustainable weight loss.

At Health Kick Academy you can expect to find a friendly, supportive, and non-intimidating atmosphere of like-minded individuals that will welcome you and make you feel at ease. It is the perfect setting to help you achieve successes you never thought were possible.

Membership at Health Kick Academy includes:

– A team of personal trainers with a proven track record of supporting their clients in achieving long-lasting weight loss and fitness results

– A one to one consultation to establish your goals and to create a tailored plan

– Access to an accountability coach to ensure you remain on track

– A custom-made nutrition plan and digital recipe booklet

– One on one, semi-private and small group workout classes seven days a week to meet your needs

– Yoga practices to improve your flexibility, strengthen your core and reduce your stress levels

– Mindfulness workshops

About Jason Bennet

Jason Bennet, founder and CEO of Health Kick Academy, has worked as a personal trainer for over eight years. Jason started in a small garage offering 1-2-1 sessions in 2014. However, he soon realised that there weren’t enough hours in the day to help as many people as he wanted to. So he decided to start up Health Kick Academy in 2017. Stratford upon Avon was missing a facility that offered a tailored approach in group settings to deliver long-lasting results to each individual.

Jason developed a brand new concept using all the knowledge and best practices he had gathered from his years as a personal trainer. A program that would offer the benefits often associated only with 1-2-1 training packages but made available within a group setting. The result? See for yourself!

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personal trainer in Stratford-upon-Avon

CEO & Founder of Health Kick Academy: Jason Bennett